3rd March: Brain- Dead / Virus

The 3rd of March is my younger sister’s birthday, however when she was 31 she suffered a severe stroke that along with a medical intervention left her totally brain-dead, residing in a permanent comma in a nursing hospital in Sydney. The CAT scans were totally dark showing that the brain stem had been cut.

For the next 10 years I had to deal with a computer virus that closed down my Art Gallery and Mining operations on the 3rd March, every year which completely dumbfounded my american engineers working on the project. It was though my computers were brain-dead for the day and recovered without any effects for the rest of the year.

Eight years after my sister’s stroke I began a spiritual renewal and change of belief. I accepted the idea of re-incarnation and began a Shamballa initiation. My teacher from the USA was clairvoyant and when I told her about my sister she revealed that she had been placed in Coma because she had not fulfilled her spiritual destiny (locked into materialism) BUT that she was working hard on the Astral plane effectively finding lost souls and returning them to the eternal recycling program, which was necessary for the end of the current cycle. She confirmed that the computer virus was a message.

A few years later my teacher Don Lauro tried to remedy the situation but because of the medical intervention there was no hope of restoration on this plane. A few years after this my teacher said that she had fulfilled her destiny and that I could release her by going to her bedside and lighting a candle, which I did. She died a few days later.

The coincidence that happened yesterday was that my Coffee partner David installed an anti-virus program on my computer and it took all night to unravel, so at 3AM I was reliving my 3rd March experiences and finding the lesson. The lesson is that even if the brain is dead we can still work as human beings on the other planes. On this plane we should see that the brain is not the most important driving mechanism and that we should lower our thoughts to the heart.

The second coincidence is that I was discussing this with a Brain Specialist yesterday and told her to change her belief that the brain controls everything and that she should have more FUN. Specifically I told her that if she was working just for money she should quit and do what she really wants (needs) to do.

The lesson is to FLOW – to follow the brillo – to find what really moves your heart and do it. All illness is a cause of falling off your destined path, and if you stray to far than you will be recycled as the Universe is not here to waste time.

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Persistence and Faith

I would like to talk about persistence which is good, while forming habits is bad. But then we need routines to be persistent, or at least an order to be persistent.
We need to get up every morning – SO is that persistence, a habit or order in our lives. Well we could go through every step and find that everything that is persistent leads to order and eventually becomes a habit. The problem with habits is that the brain shuts down and you automatically just do it. Just doing it is the secret of life / stop thinking and just do it until it forms a habit and then when you have it all worked out – you will see that its wrong.
Thus every school and philosophy of life is false (that’s a Osho quote) because they all lead to habits and the brain shutting down.
That´s when Faith steps in – you have to believe to see and not the reverse. If you believe in something 100% it becomes possible, or at least it works for you. I have one friend who believes that deep-sea diving in a bathysphere will cure her, while another fiend believes that climbing mountains will cure her. Which one is right – pues obviously they are both right – because that is what they believe. Another example is Juan de Dios in Brazil is a recognised (by the Dali) curandero and can cure some people by just looking at them, while others he needs to perform operations. However he can do operations without instruments or without cutting – but some people cannot believe this so he cuts them open and spills blood so that they do believe. They are all cured depending on their belief.

When it comes down to it and you just do it – you can cure yourself. Any dis-ease can be cured by easing off your beliefs and curing yourself. That´s why many people are cured of cancer and some people like the Maya never even get it – or even have a word for it in their language. The Maya say that their corazon is sick (meaning that their heart is sick – but which part of their heart as it could be their left toe or the right shoulder). When they refer to cancer they refer to deceased cells and just through them off and don´t let them replicate. An Mayan boy can drink water from anywhere and never get sick – not because he is immune to the bacteria but because he believes that all water is good.

The world is in motion and change is everything – impermanence and cycles are part of this illusion (Maya), and that´s why habits are bad – because they form clock circles 12/60 thinking instead of reality conic cycles with quantum jumps 13/20 thinking from the Mayan Calendar. 1320 is the frequency of the earth and the lunar cycles. But faith is everything and that’s why placebos (sugar pills) work as well as medicine, and faith healings only work if you have faith.

I was shown a picture of clouds yesterday and asked what I saw. I could see two wise old men with white beards. These to me were Maestros Electricos (sometimes called Archangels) but some people could see the living Christ. I see Christ at least once a week and know that he is living but I don´t believe in the Pope – mainly because the Pope ripped out the chapter on re-incarnation from the Bible in the 5th century and see the institution of the Vatican as the biggest and ugliest conglomeration/ empire /company making more money than they can use. The Maya call money simply as Circulation and what goes around come back – but if it accumulates it stagnates like City water.

But we have to be persistant in our beliefs to make anything materialize and that means not wasting time writing blogs – so I have to have faith(Fe) in the Energy(CA) and need to materialize (habitualize) my work with my CaFe. So let go of what you think you know and Believe.

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Coffee has many forms and many ways of making a good cup.
1. The coffee must be picked at the right harvest. There 3 harvests in every season and the 2° has good strong coffee. First selection starts here as green cherries must be eliminated at this time.
2. The processing of the cherries to parchment must be done with precision and the drying is the most important. Second selection at this stage removes extraneous materials and imperfections.
3. The hulling to green beans and third selection process is next and needs to be done to the required specifications. Although dark imperfections are not tolerated they can actually add to flavour as nature is never perfect and each bean is individual (like snowflakes). The lighter imperfections are the result of the RUST and these don´t add anything to the coffee as they just taste like peanuts, but don´t do any harm.
4. Roasting is the next important factor and can make substantial difference to the taste. A blonde roast is for tea drinkers. A medium to medium-dark roast gives the best brew and is the basis for the 3° wave really good coffee shops. The dark (full City) and French roasts are for real men and Texans and have been used for years to cover imperfections and make 2° wave nacional coffees. Europeans add Robusta coffee to make them even stronger. Fresh coffee is needed for the roasting and a slower high altitude roast will give a smoother flavour. Mixing with Máragogype will give a better blende and body. Roasted coffee needs 3 days rest before grinding.
4. Brewing is the next important factor. The coffee should be freshly ground. An espresso machine makes the best coffee as the important flavours, sugars, oils, acidity and caffeine are extracted in 25 seconds. A coraser grind is necessary for French Press or Drip coffees, but the flavour is never as good as from an espresso machine.
There are many myths and reasonings about coffee but once it is brewed it should be discarded as soon as it cools. Thus you need to forget about instant coffee because it is made from industrial brews and contains all the imperfections that are discarded from good coffee. Good coffee can also be decaffeinated with care (mountain water treatment) and actually taste as good without the caffeine that does survirely affect some people.

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Kin 154 Mastership in Wisdom

Today is the white Magician 11 / which shows the real mastership and how to find your way in the world. Its a time for reflection and communication. Its the power of the wind before and after the wind blows. It’s the initiation of creativity.

The distinction between friendship and courtship might be a subtle one now, but it’s crucial to be conscious of the difference. Even if you’re not seeking more from a relationship, you still can benefit greatly from being aware of your emotions whether expressed or not.

However, you don’t need to do anything special in order to attain love. Your current lesson is learned by fully experiencing the desires of your heart without attempting to make anyone else responsible for your happiness – and this is how true mastership will be attained.

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Pisaq: Sun God on 10th July, 2003

Pisaq is the temple of the elite, where only the emperors and high priests gained entry. There are elaborate baths and cleansing ceremonies before any of them could actually enter. The whole mountain represents the Serpent as the serpent is flying in the sky and is not the death as portrayed in normal beliefs, but a trabsition to higher realms. The Inca emperors were buried here in Pisaq.
The snake head was apparent to me as we entered the property, and we were attracted by the temple of the Sun, which is enclosed in a 3km wall of imperial stonework *ie closely fitting stone that was cut by laser and fitted together so that not even a piece of paper could fit into the joints. Below the snake head I clearly saw the head of the Puma representing the public or normal people.
Pisaq is at the head of the sacred valley that leads to Machu Picchu.

When we returned to the market place in Pisaq I was given a stone sculpture with the serpent base, the puma middle and the condor on top. Receiving this I saw the Wirachoca face of the Sun God appear in the mountain with a smiling face, while I enjoyed my pisco sour.

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Chinceros, Peru July, 2003

We drove to Chinceros which has a nice old church and a long straight wall – which is half done in Imperial stonework – but seeing it with DL is different. He says that the important point is the rock at the end of the long straight wall. Here you see squares or chairs cut into the rock, the laser technology at work again cutting blocks for transport. When you look from the right perspective you see that there are 3 chairs in front of the others and they form a round spaceship. You need to sit in the middle chair of the three to appreciate the spaceship. Actually there are 3 images of spaceships which with dimensional time form the spaceship when it arrives, the small replica of the spaceship in flight and the larger rock is the spaceship in prepartion for flight.
DL showed me the holes in the rock which are the operational contact, and continues my teaching as a pilot He gave me one special rock which represents the next Buddah.

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On the 9th July,2003 we went to Ollantaytambo and immediately found our guide a Young lid by the name of David, who found us in the market. He walked us around the ruins openly explaining how the spaceships brought the the larger rocks down from the quarries 5-10 miles away, and that these large coffin size rocks – were actually sarcophogas of the people who had jumped off the overhanging cliffs – being the ones who did not survive their tests of faith. Actually they just died when they fell off the cliffs but if their DNA was correct they were born again inside the rocks.
He mentioned all this casually again when we came to the Temple of the Sun which had 6 very fine Imperial cut rocks weighing at least 100t each, which were fitting perfectly together. We could see the baston marks where they had been cut with laser technology. One special rock was the red fire Stone and DL had his photo taken with this. David explained that all the terraces form part of the flame, and had moving gates and dimensional doors. He pointed out the recessed holes that were used to move the doors. He showed us the changing wáterfall which was part of the ceremonial baths. The top basin contained any sediment, and the resulting flow from here could be stopped by the hand – where the wáter would just trickle down the side and if you placed a few drops of wáter on it the cascade will flow again – it was very precisely balanced, and the actual holes in the Stone were a shadow clock that perfectly indicated the Solstices.

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