The beginning is what Revelation is all about, the start of a new cycle.
Fire, brimestone and judgement all exist is our own mind and will be dealt with individually as each of us face their own hell as their end of cycle arrives. We all have to clear our habits and karma before moving into the light and starting a new samaric cycle.

The reign of Jesús Christ will last another 1000 years and his physical appearance as Maitreya is imminentent somewhere between now and 2060. He should appear now but transition period called the  Diamond Era is indistinctly defined and timing varies for when the Initiation schools will close again. However all agree that we will start tanother golden era cycle that lasts for 1250 years before decaying into the silver cycle and then continue the cycle to a new start to new religions.

Maitreya will be (this time) the combined Jesús, Mohammed and Buddah and will produce the coalescence of the religions (and thus the virtual irradication of the religions) as people see that they themselves can connect directly with God and no longer have to pay the priest to show the way.

The frightening problem is that the end cycle may also cause a natural end cycle if humans do not change their destruction of the environment. If the CO2 levels doublé it will cause an uncontrolable Green house effect that will produce a Venus type environment. This will end 3D human evolution and send the humans quickly onto their next 4D cycle which will be on Mercury.

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Kin 26

Today is a major day for abundance with the fantastic 26 which means supper abundance. Today is the kin for the Cosmic Bridger of Worlds. This means we have to connect and balance our material and spiritual sides without actually killing ourselves. Most people cannot see the other side until after death and this is our problem in general. Today we have some insight to what happens after death and we should use our dreams to show the way to balance or bridge the two worlds. WE all dream and should keep a log to reveal the meanings of the dreams as they are insights to the 4D world where we go after death and before we go into the light of 5D. Dreams are actual events in the 4D but mostly are revealed as symbolism to those who don´t have clear light capacity and the belief to live out the dreams. The road to Abundance will be shown in dreams. Today the skywalker is in strength and thus the insights can be found through meditation and the guide as always is compassion.
Please never consider suicide as a way out – IT DEFINITELY IS NOT.

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We all feel our loss today but the world needs to know that this is not the way out of depression or any problems whatsoever.
What happens when you suicide is that you get stuck in the lower levels of the 4D until you finish your present life cycle, and you will be watching all the grieving and problems that you have caused with out being able to affect them. Then you have to live the life over again as un castigo and probably even a second life castigado will be imposed until you really learn you lesson.

Thus suicide is totally impractical y stupid in all respects.

Many people came to Don Lauro over the years that I spent with him and they told him that they were considering suicide and he tried to dissuade them but of course they always had their own free will. When they did suicide Don Lauro would go to them and say I told you so and now you see what I said was true, and he would put them to work in the CM so that they could earn points and overcome their castigo in one lifetime.
I had this explained to me many times BUT even contemplated suicide myself when I was abandoned by my family and Don Lauro himself. However DL just laughed at me when I mentioned suicide and said that I had not learned anything and that if I was even considering it I could not longer be of any service to him.

I no longer consider suicide and have dropped any of these stupid ideas and have started a new life with whatever comes my way. Please do not let this great man influence any of you into doing the same / it is absolutely forbidden by all religions for the reasoning that I explained above.

It certainly will not alleviate any of your problems and in fact will make them much worse.

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Friday the 13th Kin 226

The 13th is considered bad luck because the Templar organization was simultaneously destroyed by planned execution at dawn on Friday the 13th, October, 1307. However the organization was not destroyed but changed into the freemason guild and carries on today. The actual history of the betrayal of the baston found under the King Solomon Synagogue as being sold to the Pope is also false and never happened. Civilization has followed the bad luck stories and incorporated them in their 180° falsehoods that have been accepted until the new cycle change.
Now we see that 13 in the Mayan reality represents the cosmos and on the first level the civilization and is honoured as the most renown and lucky number of all. The 13 moon cycle is the basis for the Mayan calendar and connects us with Nature and the Universe, so today we have to balance the spiritual and the material and see that change is inevitable and that once we recognise this and take it to our heart than the 13 will become the luckiest number of all.
The 226 kin is the change from the descending physical body to the horizontal material connection and the vital force that we have applied finally will produce the beautiful star of our existence in the next few days after a final cleansing. Cleansings make you sicker initially before they take effect so we need to wait the few days before it all comes together.
What really is happening is that we have a mass awakening out of the civilised sheep and the transformation is bringing this success / many will flower over the next weeks and the final result of today’s luck will be change. The delay and experience will channel the change into true love and understanding. Wow what a wonderful 13th present coming with the Strawberry Moon.

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Did God create the Universe by Stephen Hawking

I just watched the movie by Stephen Hawking and was amazed at the limited 3D view that he has on time and space.
He says that e=mc2 explains everything but when he says that e and m are the opposite sides of the same coin / he jumps to a sphere saying that there is no boundary/ but a coin does have an edge. This edge is the connection / its the god connection that actually makes matter and separates realities. The coin analogy is used in Tibetan and American Indian drums and people are always comparing one side with the other / the duality / whether they are spiritual or material / but the edge connects them both and is the third wheel that drives and controls the Universe.
Time is lineal in 2D and 3D, but curves and becomes radial in 4D, and ceases to exist in 5D.

To calculate Einstein’s equation you use the x3, x4 x5 and x6 functions which means that we actually are working past 3D reality and into the 4D, 5D and 6D / which I never believed existed when I graduated as a physicist and thus went into geophysics to find some practical application that did not involve the academic abstractions.
Thus the simple Einstein equation makes 3D reality look simple but just because the 4th 5th and 6th dimensional mathematics cancel themselves does not mean that they don’t exist or have any effect. Looking at 2D we see that a 2D ant (or dot) cannot jump a simple change in elevation of his plane without going into 3D. However the jump out of a box (or safe deposit box) is just as simple if you go into 4D. That time exists and always existed is just 2D and 3D thinking. Time bends in 4D and ceases to exist in 5D. Time is just a variable is not another dimension.

Getting back to the simple Einstein equation we see that E and M are equivalents connected through c2, well hello but the speed of light is not constant, and c is not a constant / but represents consciousness which is the edge of the coin and the connection. Is this GOD or are we all connected to something that is conscious.

Stephen then goes on to say that he is only here for a short time and never existed before and will not exist after / which in terms of the Dali Lama is a rather limited view of life. Maybe also limited by his use of only 4 or 5% of his brain or maybe as he is considered the most intelligent since Einstein he also uses 6% of his brain. But how do we explain these perfect bodies, and what is the use of the other 94% of the brain. Maybe it connects the 4D, 5D and 6D fractions of the HU (GOD) MAN. When we die we lose 21gms a few mins after actual cease of function. This represents the part of the ethereal body that exists in 3D, while the rest of that body that contains the chakras and the meridian channels exists in 4D and is why only some people can see them. The Astral body or dreaming body exists entirely in the 4D and Stephen should listen to his dreams to seek extension to his reality. In 5D we exist in a cacoon without time called Disvistan and return (Samsara) when we pass back to the basic energies. Above the Casual 5D body we have Buddha and then in 7D the Atman (Individual God) and Brahman bodies. So we really are Humans (Godmen) and are connected both through space and time and Heisenberg’s equation is the reality.


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Mayan Birthday > Kin 212

Today is my Tzolkin birthday and now have completed 3 cycles of 260 days. Starting my 4th cycle means that I have to get my act together at last and show my form. The form of how I will do things for the rest of my life.
The Kin today is 212 so that means balance in everyway possible as the 21 is connecting the start and the 12 is starting the connection. The sum is 5 which means how to reunite my resources to build a new foundation, its also the 90 degree turn from descending spiritualism into active horizontal materialism.
This means that success will be crossed by abundance / the success is vital to pass the politics of materialism and the abundance can show the way or lead me astray. In the correct light it will give completion to my re-birth and form a direct connection with the creator, through which I will channel my higher self. I need to find the practicality of my gifts and give to the world / obviously charging a reasonable fee to live. Happiness and playfulness are the guides which will form something beautiful within. The Kin 212 guide today is Lamat 4 the auto-sufficient Star 4 which means that I have to become my own star and show the light to the world, which will involve a change to a mature attitude to life taking small steps daily in a steady and constant plan.

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kin 203: Akbal 8

Today shows abundance in a balanced way / that means long term / re-organizing everything and starting to live what we believe and do only what we want, believe and desire. Karma is starting to kick in big time / so payback will make itself known / so we hope that we have been good for an early Christmas but definitely will get what we deserve.
We have to believe to see and today we will start to see the fruits of our labour. Luckily we are warriors of light and can handle whatever situation which will unravel the hidden mirror and the challenge of silence. Our guide today is a healing and we have to let it happen whatever the cost, without worrying too much on where it will take us. Tomorrow we will start to see our purpose as the creative seed takes effect.

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